Monday, March 11, 2013

Pantai Bira @Bulukumba

As we all know Pantai Bira.... secara Pantai Bira sudah dikenal dimana-mana... klo gak kenal Pantai bira... maaf yah,,, sangat sangat sangat terpaksa harus rela dikatain "kamseupay".... hehehe justkid.... pisss!!!!!!

continuing previous post and actually continuing their vacation (Dinan, Raka, Hendy, Fahmi)... me and kiky??? jadi pemanis buatan ,,haha
unfortunately we were not able to see the sunset on the Bira, because we had to back to Takalar before sunset... "what a pity we are" I say... :( but it doesn't matter because we had two hours spend our time at the beach, we played like children who grow up... wkwkwkwk....yeeeaaaahhh... really fun I think... 
and we took so many pictures there with wonderful background... hehe
L-R (Raka, Hendy, Fahmi, Me, Kiky, Dinan )
L-R (Kak muhlis, Kiky, Me, Raka, Fahmi, HendyDinan )
"what a fun day with them.... :D

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