Monday, March 11, 2013

Punaga Tebing @Takalar

why "Punaga tebing"?... because there is cliff too, so called "punaga tebing"...
few people are familiar with Punaga...  by dear friends (my blog), I want to introduce one of the attractions that exist in Takalar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia ..... :D
This place is great to be a place to spend the weekend with family, or friends.
Paling bagus juga buat bergalau galau ria...haha

so, if you're in Takalar, do not forget to make a tour there... OK !!!

let's look at our pictures... :D
Tamu dari UNDIP (Raka, Hendy, Dinan)
Tuan Rumah Takalar (Kiki, Fahmi, Saya)
ngapain ini???? x_x
takut liat ombakkknya...
Thanks to Dinan who have brought Camera, Raka who took picture, and Fahmi who share it to me...

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